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Tuesday, January 23, 2018
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Anderson Alarms is here to keep your business and employees safe.

We understand the importance of business security. Anderson Alarms consults with owners and managers to design and install systems that meet the needs of their business. Most businesses are familiar with our core monitoring services, which protect from intrusion, smoke and fire, carbon monoxide poisoning, property damage resulting from flooding and extreme temperature changes. However, Anderson Alarms also offers enhanced services that give business customers additional protection.

Private Guard Response
As an additional layer of protection, Private Guards can respond on your behalf when there is an alarm. Uniformed guards in marked patrol cars will perform a perimeter check of your business. If there is an emergency, guards will contact the authorities and remain on location until they arrive. Private Guard Response is an inexpensive solution to ensure a timely response.

Digital Video Recording
Digital Video Recording (DVR) is the latest in technology to help you combat theft, violence, and property crime. Utilizing the latest advancements in image recognition, digital video and database storage, you can protect your assets, reduce leakage and create a safer work place. DVR technology allows for greater storage capacity and clearer images and can be connected via the internet to allow for remote monitoring.

Activity Reporting
ADT's Activity Reporting will tell you who is arming and disarming your security system, and when they are doing it. Your system can log all commands down to individual employee passcode. The service is made up of 2 choices, you can have 1 or both. With Supervised Accounts, if our Emergency Operators notice that your security system is armed or disarmed outside of hours you specify, they will alert you immediately. With Signal Logging and Reporting, you will receive a report of all signal activity in weekly, bi-weekly or monthly intervals via email or fax.

As your business grows, Anderson Alarms is here to help. Not only will we ensure that your current system is operating efficiently. Our goal is to find solutions that protect your assets and employees, so you can experience Life... Without Worry!